McGill Maintenance & Fabrication, along with its Alliance Partners,  are major players within the giant Texas Gulf Coast petrochemical industry. McGill maintenance & Fabrication offers a number of maintenance   and repair services for petro-chemical facilities and refineries, specializing in general maintenance services and more. We bring dedicated and principled approach to execution, with Safety and Quality at the   forefront of everything we do. With our Rapid Response capabilities, we put the best craft personnel on your project and respond to all of your emergent needs.


Specialized Repair, Maintenance, and Fabrication Solutions

We can complete specialist repairs on-site, or in our shops, providing a rapid response when you need a safe and compliant repair solution. We'll manage repairs around your operational requirements, from the      any phase through to the handover of a safe, compliant component. Our large-scale workshop facilities in Freeport and Chocolate Bayou, TX  enable us to provide off-site repairs of larger components and vessels. Our vast pool of experienced professionals has demonstrated industry-leading Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) performance, ensuring we deliver excellence in collaboration with you.


Extending Life

As your operating assets approach the end of their lives, we understand the importance of accurately assessing their fitness for service. By applying robust risk-based processes, our multi-disciplinary team of professionals can assist you to decide whether to replace or repair components. We can provide everything you need to upgrade assets to standards that will secure future reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Tailored Spares and Specialty Machining

To keep your assets operating at peak performance, our large-scale workshop facilities can produce tailored spares to the exacting tolerance levels and quality standards you demand.